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Sweet Curly is a very lucky pig indeed. A Land Conservancy fundraising gala was auctioning off a heritage-breed, organically-fed pig: the auction winner would get to choose a pig from a “free-range” farm (one that caters to the finer restaurants of NYC) and walk away with the slaughtered, packaged remains ready for the freezer.

Thankfully, a family in attendance was so horrified by this that they bid the highest in order to save the pig.  Soon after, the whole family went to the farm to pick one out of the 13 piglets who had been been growing up together. With the choice of who to spare nearly impossible, the family deferred to their 6-year-old son Samuel for the decision.

pig-buttonHe was drawn to the very smallest piglet, who he named Curly Tail, after a character in one of his favorite books, The Pig’s Wedding. And she does indeed have an intact and curly tail! When Curly arrived she stole everyone’s hearts. Initially terrified, within less than 24 hours she was letting us give her belly rubs and happily snorting at the other pigs on the other side of her pen. A cross between the Tamworth (red) and an Old Spot breeds means she has spots in interesting places.

Over time, she began spending more and more supervised time with the big pigs and with Olive, who arrived 10 days later.  Curly and Olive have been great friends ever since. Curly is now one of the friendliest pigs in our herd, always eager to meet new people and enjoy one-on-one time with anyone willing to sit down and give her a belly rub. She knows her name, is as sweet as can be, and unique in her own ways with likes and dislikes particular to her. She is a someone — capable of thinking, feeling and suffering just like we are. Read more about pigs raised commercially on factory farms and the false notion of “humane” farming.


Curly and Olive

Curly & Olive enjoy their daily fruits and veggies

Curly Pig (7)

Baguette? Why yes, please!


Meeting Andy the pig

Curly pig

Splendor in the grass