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Hurley’s Family

In late May 2017, we took in an emaciated and sick little piglet named Hurley. At just a few weeks old, he was found alone and wandering outside. We worked around the clock to save his life but the damage was too severe; he died after only four days. Though heartbroken, we couldn’t grieve for too long, because we knew that Hurley had a family who was still suffering and needed our help. A local humane law enforcement agency was able to track down Hurley’s family- a mom and her four piglets.

We arrived at the property and quickly found Hurley’s family in a tiny dirt yard. A small piece of fabric provided insufficient shade, where three piglets, already badly sunburned, tried to hide from the relentless sun. Mother Agnes was lethargic and about 100 lbs underweight. Bradley, Mishka, and Peter were weak and hopeless, and Pamela was separated from the family in a tiny pen of isolation  [Read more about their rescue here]. Now that this innocent family has found sanctuary, they will never have to fear for their lives or be separated again.

Since arriving to safety, they are healthy and thriving, and are enjoying lots of love and care from our caregivers, not to mention lots of play and snuggle time! Agnes is a wonderful mother to her four children and the whole family can always be seen rooting in the dirt of their pasture. We are so grateful to be able to give them peace, in memory of Hurley.

Support this growing family by sponsoring Agnes, Pamela, Mishka, Bradley, or Peter today!