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Molly & Charlie

Raised by a neglectful, abusive man, Molly and Charlie were destined to be eaten. They were kept in separate pens – alone, scared, and malnourished. But because of one brave little pig named Hurley, the man was charged with animal abuse and the pigs were seized.  Molly and Charlie awaited their forever home at the Ulster County SPCA.

Although these two girls were safe and well taken care of, we couldn’t stop thinking about them. We aided the Ulster County SPCA in looking for homes, but months later, Molly and Charlie were still at the shelter. We just couldn’t make them wait any longer. With some creative fence and barn engineering, we made room to bring Molly and Charlie to sanctuary!

Molly and Charlie are happily settled in to sanctuary life. They seem to know they are finally where they belong, enjoying the lives they always deserved. Molly is particularly outgoing while Charlie is a wallflower who prefers to observe. Both members of this duo are the sweetest and have been so excited to meet each new face. Welcome to your forever home, girls!

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