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A supporter of the sanctuary found Sherman just outside of a live-kill market, where animals are crammed into cages before being killed at a young age. The animal lover removed Sherman from immediate danger, then reached out to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary for help. Some of our dedicated caregiving team rushed to the aid of this brave rabbit. Caregivers were heartbroken by all Sherman had gone through, as they quickly administered urgent medical protocol. They performed a health diagnostic, immediately testing Sherman for the diseases and parasites that often result from this severe level of mistreatment.

Sherman has already come so far from where he started, and is finally starting to get used to his new life of sanctuary. He spends his time hopping through the grass, digging in the dirt, and bonding with his new friend Leah the rabbit. After experiencing the filthy, crowded, and inhumane conditions of a live-kill market, it is our sincere hope that Sherman can live peacefully beside Leah in their very own section of the clean, comfortable, and safe new rabbit barn.

It was immediately clear that people were moved and inspired by Sherman’s escape to freedom. When Sherman first arrived at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, he not only received urgent medical intervention from our caregiving team. He was also welcomed with an overwhelming outpouring of support from compassionate followers and donors. Our social media pages were flooded with testimonies about how Sherman’s story had moved them. One social media follower wrote: “How could anyone hurt these sweet babies…???” Many supporters felt relieved that Sherman was safe, and eager to do what they could to help. One donor wrote: “I love you already, Sherman. You are a beautiful bunny who is going to only know love for the rest of your life.” Sherman’s story has resonated with so many, inspiring compassion for Sherman and other animals just like him who have been cast aside.