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Ashton SHeep


Shortly after arriving

Ashton was a stray in Queens. Fortunately, the Animal Care & Control in Manhattan picked him up and brought him to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. When he arrived he had both pink eye and sore mouth. He responded very well to treatment and soon was able to join the main flock. Ashton grew into a tall and handsome sheep, hence he was named after Ashton Kutcher, although some of us think he’s much more handsome than any actor.

lamb-buttonAshton the sheep loves to be pet. When you stop petting him, he will paw at you like a dog does—which you have to be careful of, as Ashton is also strong. Walk into the sheep area and Ashton is usually one of the first sheep to come over and see what you’ve got for him—treats or pets or both. You’ll know Ashton right away—he’s the tallest sheep and if you pet him, he will look you in the eyes and give you the paw (with a hoof, of course).