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In early 2012, the Cattarugas County SPCA learned of a farm just south of Buffalo that was keeping nearly 60 sheep, cows and chickens in absolutely horrid conditions.  After many investigations into the farm, the SPCA finally alerted Farm Sanctuary to the atrocious state of the farm and an emergency rescue crew quickly sprung into action.  What they found was even more shocking than anyone had imagined. The animals were kept in a dark, dilapidated barn in makeshift stalls without access to food and water.  Even worse, amongst the emaciated were several newborn lambs.

Rescuers worked quickly to remove the animals, whose owner chose to relinquish ownership of them in order to avoid cruelty charges. What these animals must have gone through is unfathomable, but fortunately they were rescued just in the nick of time. Bowie, just days old at the time of his rescue, was certainly lucky to escape his fate, along with his mom Madeline, and Dixie and her mom Marin. He is now loving life with us at the Sanctuary, where enjoys lots of praise from visitors for his beautiful multi-colored eyes (just like the musician he is named after!).