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On a bleak Saturday in the Fall of 2015, multiple sanctuaries rescued over 120 animals from a backyard butcher in Montgomery, NY.  These poor animals were kept in horrendous conditions — crammed in barns with little food and living space.  Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took in 5 sheep, 6 pigs and 9 goats, who were by far the sickest of all those we rescued.  Most of the goats had pneumonia, lice, and worms and little did we know, a few were also pregnant.

Freyja, DJ & George

Freyja, Dorothy Jo & George

Freyja the sheep came to us from this rescue and was extremely shy.  She and her flock were very sheepish for the first few months before they learned to trust our caregivers and saw that we only wanted to give them love and care.  After 10 new baby goats, Freyja gave birth to Dorothy Jo, named after Bob Barker’s late wife, and George, named after a stellar volunteer.  The birth went extremely smoothly and the babies had no complications. The family is now in with the rest of the sheep who have welcomed the new lambs and help to look after them.

December 2016: George was quite shy for the first few weeks, always standing by his mother’s side. Almost a year later, he still has a strong sibling bond with Freyja and Dorothy Jo, but has become one of the most affectionate sheep in the flock! He often walks right up to our animal caregivers and rests his head on their shoulders, and is also known to be a bit mischievous and play with the medical kits while they’re doing goat-buttontreatments.

George still loves to cuddle and take naps with Dorothy Jo, and we’re so happy he gets to grow up together with his family — a rare occurrence in the agriculture industry. Sponsor George the lamb and you’ll help pay for the shelter, food, and care he needs.