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StoreyStorey was one of twenty young lambs who were purchased by a man as a part of a domestic dispute.  Taken from their mothers far too early, two of these lambs died just after being purchased.  This neglectful and despicable man dumped their bodies on the road-side.  An SPCA officer was contacted and gave the man some much needed guidance, which he chose to ignore.  After discovering that another either had died, the SPCA officer removed the remaining ten sheep from the man’s property.  Storey and two of her sisters were brought to us here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

lamb-buttonNow, Storey is happy, healthy and fully grown.  While both of her sisters have passed away since their arrival here in 2007, Storey has lots of sheep friends including her best buddy, Marin.  Some days Storey is shy of humans and stays with the flock, but other days when she simply can’t get enough human attention!