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She’s a bit wet after the rain!

Beatrice came from a commercial turkey farm, where her beak was severely trimmed (a routine practice in the industry) and she was soon bound for the usual fate. Luckily, her life was spared when she was purchased and given as a Thanksgiving gift to a man on Staten Island, New York.  Unable to care for this rapidly-growing bird, he passed her to Carolyn, a local wildlife rehabber.  In the two weeks that Carolyn cared for Beatrice, she followed her around everywhere and loved to be showered with attention.  “It was like having another dog!” she said.  Carolyn called Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in search of a loving home for Beatrice and we were thrilled that we had room for her.

turkey-buttonSince Beatrice arrived, staff and volunteers have been charmed by her friendly and affectionate nature.  She loves to be around people and often sits to have her beautiful, white feathers stroked or follows our caregivers around as they try to feed the other animals.  After spending some time with Beatrice, one of our new volunteers proclaimed, “I’ll never eat turkey again.  I’ll probably become vegan after this experience.”

Beatrice was debeaked at the factory farm.












Bea eats everything she can—including people food—when she can get it!