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Like millions of other turkeys, Loren was being raised for slaughter for Thanksgiving 2013. Here at Woodstock Sanctuary, we give thanks for the kind soul who rescued her and two others (Tomoko and Jean) and brought them into our loving arms.  Loren’s scarred beak hints at the abuse she had to endure.  By some rare stroke of grace, she was lucky enough to keep her toes, unlike her two sisters.  That sad life is behind the three of them now.  Here at the sanctuary, Loren enjoys strolling the grounds and stretching her wings in the sunshine, finally allowed to blossom into her unique turkey self, while being an important ambassador for the millions who aren’t so lucky.turkey-button

Loren was named after our co-founder Jenny’s sister, who is also a valued member of the sanctuary community and a recipient of one of the Good Egg awards at ThanksLiving 2013.