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Sophie was rescued in 2015 from a factory farm at just three months old. Like her brothers and sisters in the food industry, her toes have been cut off at the joint and she has been cruelly de-beaked, all without anesthetic. Luckily, she is no longer bound to be one of the 46 million turkeys slaughtered every year for Thanksgiving. 

turkey-buttonWhen she arrived (with 4 other turkeys who were saved that year), she was fearful and stuck to the safety of her little flock. Now, Sophie has joined our other rescued turkeys and will get to live out her life in peace at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Since her arrival, she has really broken out of her shell and loves exploring her new surroundings, making friends with our matriarch turkeys like Beatrice and Marley, and pecking happily at the grass beneath her feet!