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Breaking News: 2 Pigs Come Home to Sanctuary

Raised by a neglectful, abusive man, Molly and Charlie were destined to be eaten. They were kept in separate pens – alone, scared, and malnourished. But because of one brave little pig named Hurley, the man was charged with animal abuse and the pigs were seized. [Read Hurley’s story here]

Hurley’s mom and siblings came to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Molly and Charlie have been staying at the Ulster County SPCA while they waited for a permanent home.

Although these two girls were safe and well taken care of, we couldn’t stop thinking about them. We aided the Ulster County SPCA in looking for homes (as our own capacity for pig housing is really maxing out), but months later, Molly and Charlie were still at the shelter. We knew what we had to do….

We did what we do here at the Sanctuary — we figured out how to save lives! After some creative fence and barn engineering, we were able to make space for these two girls.

And on January 18th, they move into their forever home! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see updates on this playful pair.

Giving Molly and Charlie a home at Woodstock Sanctuary is a lifelong commitment that will cost tens of thousands of dollars over the next 10-plus years. Pigs are very expensive animals, which is one of the reasons why this pair couldn’t find a home. But we knew that you would have wanted us to save them since no one else could. You’ve done so much and we need your help now.

Please give today to give Molly and Charlie the life they deserve – the one they should have had from the beginning. A life filled with love and kindness – and of course lots of belly rubs and apples!

Thank you for always helping the rescued residents of Woodstock Sanctuary. You are the reason why we can say yes to so many animals in need. We are truly grateful for your kindness.