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New Haven Vegan Ice Cream Social

Jan 1

If you missed last spring’s all-you-can-eat vegan dessert freakout, well, you are one sorry mofo.

Now’s your chance to redeem yourself at this August 8th all-you-can-eat vegan ice cream social, brought to you by the motley crew of Little Vegan Monsters and kindly hosted by Fuel Coffee.  And if you’re not feeling social, that’s cool, too — just roll yourself into a fetal position and eat lots and lots of ice cream.  Cool, baby.

WFAS Co-Founders Jenny Brown and Doug Abel will be there to meet and greet and identify chocolate stains.

No more advance tickets available but just show on up and you can buy at the door!  Thanks to Lourdes Jovel and Anthony Acock for putting this together, Fuel Coffee for hosting it, and Turtle Mountain/So Delicious for their generous donations.