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Nutmeg the turkey

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Named for her striking warm-brown color, Nutmeg was found wandering around a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey.  A compassionate family found her in their yard at the beginning of May 2013 and immediately contacted us in an effort to ensure her safety.  Over the next several weeks, Nutmeg stayed close and seeming friendly but, with understandable caution, evaded capture.  We guess that she might have escaped from a farm in the area but we will never know for sure.  The determined family was finally able to win her trust and get her into a safe enclosure before bringing her to Woodstock Sanctuary, where she will never end up on someone’s plate.

Within a day of her arrival, Nutmeg was charming our staff (and male turkeys!) with her cuteness.  Known as a Bourbon Red, she is smaller than our other turkeys but this doesn’t stop her from confidently strutting around the farm.  For this reason, the girls in the family that rescued her gave her the nickname Strutter.

UPDATE: In doing further research we found that Nutmeg’s breed doesn’t get very large and so she was a poor match for our much larger males.  We talked with our friends at Farm Sanctuary and they had a coop with turkeys of similar size to Nutmeg. We decided it would be best if she moved there, and we hear she is acclimating quickly.


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