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One Shout of Compassion

Thursday, December 21, 2017

It is a brutal reality that most people do not care about the lives of the animals that we have dedicated ourselves to here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. In fact, we live in a world that has been constructed and hung on a framework of exploiting and killing farmed animals. That framework is our language that dismisses and belittles them, a food system that profits off the manipulation and pain of their bodies, and a dismissal of the interpersonal relationships that humans can have with nonhuman animals.  

So when you stand up and support a farmed animal sanctuary, you are committing a radical act of compassion. This is especially true when you support Woodstock Farm Sanctuary because we are overt about our veganism and our goal to eliminate farmed animal exploitation. To support us — to support kindness and goodness toward the most vulnerable in our society — is both generous and bold. While most people understand the need to support dog and cat charities, they don’t think that farmed animals should be granted the same protections and considerations. Most people don’t even know that farmed animal sanctuaries exist!  

In this context, your support may sometimes feel like an isolated act of compassion. But your shout in the darkness that you care and you are fighting for their lives and their rights is joined by the voices of thousands of others. You aren’t just a financial supporter. You aren’t just someone who shares our photos or stories on social media. You aren’t just a volunteer. You are one shout, one cry, among many. And we are getting louder.  

It’s not easy to give your time and money this year. I have been worried about being able to reach our fundraising goals  because of the intense uncertainty and anxiety bubbling up all over our country. But I think it’s more important now than ever to amplify your values and your beliefs through speaking out and supporting the causes you believe in.  

I wanted to share some of your messages that you’ve been sending in with donations this month. They are funny and affirming — we read every one of them. 


“All animals feel and have emotions. They deserve to be loved, not put on someone’s dinner plate. Thank you to the Sanctuary for providing safe haven.” 

“My daughter brought me to your farm and I fell in love with your animals and all you do to help them.” 

“Andy is a gentleman.” 

“Because of your organization, I am making the transition to going vegan!” 

“If humans have a right to a good quality of life, so do other animals on their terms.” 


“Because you let me hug Fawn.” 

“I visited you nine years ago and still haven’t forgotten that wonderful day and what you do—it’s so inspiring.” 

“My daughter loves your farm. She is vegan and cares very strongly about caring for nature’s gifts. She inspires us.” 

“Margaret the turkey caught my eye. That is my wife’s name.” 

“I donate to Woodstock Farm because the human family is doing everything there that I would do if I had a place.” 

“Thanks for all you do….for the lives you save, for your advocacy, for spreading the word, for your compassion.” 

“I have been sponsoring Fern for years in my girlfriend’s name and have no intention of stopping now. She would be disappointed if she didn’t get a card from Fern at the holidays.” 

“Donating on behalf of my five-month-old son. We will teach him to love and honor animals.” 

“Because animals are people too.” 


Margaret the turkey

Just like Margaret and Fern, every individual animal at Woodstock Sanctuary is safe because many people just like you spoke up to save her life, to care for her, to give donations for her care and shelter, and to advocate for her against the world built on her suffering and exploitation.  

That’s powerful. Together we are saving farmed animals one at a time. And then their stories save so many more.  

This time of year, you can help by continuing to shout with us. To shout with the animals here. To shout for them and with them. We are making radical and impactful change to save their lives and their spirits. Please never feel like you are alone or that you aren’t powerful. Thanks for any and all support you can give.  

Thanks for raising your voice with us.  



For the animals,  

Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director



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