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Oscar, Leroy, & Lola’s Road to Recovery

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This spring we were so happy to welcome three new residents to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Rescued from a severe neglect and hoarding case, Oscar, Leory, and Lola were given a terrible diet of dog food, table scraps, and even cake. Pot belly pigs need to be on restricted diets or they become very unhealthy very quickly. After years of neglect, the three pigs were so overweight, they were “mechanically blind”– meaning that they couldn’t see anything but shadows. That meant that when they were rescued and came to us, they couldn’t see their new home. Leroy especially was incredibly fearful and stayed close to Oscar and Lola for reassurance. He also could barely walk when he arrived because of his weight. He was scared of everything around him. Whenever we went into their enclosure with them, we had to speak softly so that Leroy knew that we were going to come close to him.

Slowly, with patience and time, the pigs adjusted. Our caregiving team put them through some fitness plans and on a very healthy (and pig appropriate!) diet to help them lose the weight that was making them blind.

Leroy started not only walking but actually trotting! He, Oscar, and Lola trust each of their caregivers and are such funny, charming additions to the Sanctuary. While Oscar still struggles with the loss of his sight, Lola and Leroy’s is improving. These three amazing pigs get the chance to live long lives together thanks to staff, volunteers, and supporters who always step up to help those in need.

I am so happy these three are with us. And I’m so happy you are here for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For the animals,
Rachel McCrystal,
Executive Director 


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