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Philly the Hen

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phillie the Hen
Philly was found in a filthy junkyard behind the Halal slaughterhouse just outside of Philadelphia (where Kayli the cow had made her now-famous escape). We believe she must has escaped the same market herself and was looking for food and safety in an adjacent lot.

Clearly terrified of humans, Philly gave Farm Manager Sheila Hyslop and volunteers Mike and Wendy Stura a serious workout as they attempted to catch her for 2-3 hours in the heat. Finally, the masterful chicken-catcher Sheila was able to corner her and, after some water and apple and banana treats, she settled down in Sheila’s lap and fell asleep for the ride home.

Kayli the cow may have received all the press and cheers for her escape and new-found freedom but little Philly’s life and escape matters equally as much!  We are so happy to have this now friendly, curious and docile hen bopping around the farm with some other free-roamers. She’s now putting on weight and growing back her missing, scruffy feathers.


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