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Pizza Party at Two Boots/Tivoli

Jan 1

Two Boots

Please join us for a fun, FREE admission event celebrating the start of the 2013 Visiting Season (our 8TH SEASON!) at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

  • Derek and Little Dude-croppedMeet and greet the folks who make the Sanctuary tick and learn about our mission for farm animals
  • Learn about volunteering opportunities and membership perks
  • Live music by guitar whiz Mark Reynolds
  • Charming videos and slideshows

The fantastic Two Boots Pizza in Tivoli, NY (near Bard College), is hosting an evening with a special price of 50% off their delicious pizzas.  In honor of the animals at the sanctuary, during the 2-hour event they’ll be exclusively serving vegan pizza — and if you haven’t tried their “V is for Vegan” pie or their classic “Earth Mother” pie, you are in for a real treat!

The legendary "V is for Vegan" slice with Daiya cheese

The legendary “V is for Vegan” slice with Daiya cheese

TUES APRIL 9th, 7 – 9PM


To offset their costs, drinks and side dishes like salads, etc., are regular price — and please tip your hard-working wait-staff on the pre-discounted total.

Many thanks to Phil and the whole staff at Two Boots for helping out!  😀