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Woodstock Sanctuary Rescues 53 Neglected Animals from Farm in Upstate New York

One Green Planet, February 2021

Woodstock Sanctuary Rescues 53 Animals

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, February 2021

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Caring for Dozens of Animals Rescued from Upstate Farm

The Daily Freeman, January 2021

Sanctuary Rescues 53 Animals from Severe Neglect Case

Mid Hudson News, January 2021

North Greenbush Rescued Animals Being Cared for at Hudson Valley Sanctuary

Troy Record, January 2021

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Rescues 53 Animals from Severe Neglect Case

News Atomic / Shawangunk Journal, January 2021

Animal Neglect Investigation: Local Farm Hands Over 200 Animals for Evaluation

News10 January 2021

About 200 Animals Removed from North Greenbush Farm

CB6 Albany, January 2021

200 Animals Rescued North Greenbush’s Last Farm

Times Union, January 2021

Rescued Baby Lamb and Mother

Jane Unchained News, January 2021

Need a Last Minute Holiday Gift? Sponsor an Animal in Someone’s Honor!

OneGreenPlanet, December 2020

Watch a Moo-a-Thon to Support Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Today!

OneGreenPlanet, December 2020

Who Is Tom Vilsack? Biden Reportedly Nominates “Mr. Monsanto” As Agriculture Secretary

Greenmatters, December 2020

Tips And Ideas For Planning Future Travel

Forbes, November 2020

10 Videos of Rescued Cows So Adorable You’ll Never Look at Cheese or Steak the Same Way Again!

OneGreePlanet, November 2020

The best farm stay vacations in the US

Business insider, November 2020


Turkeys. Most people don’t know one personally. But, once you get to know them, you see how sweet, loving, and inherently valuable they are!
Jane Unchained, November 2020

10 Videos of Turkeys So Cute You’ll Want to Leave them Off Your Thanksgiving Table!

OneGreePlanet, November 2020

11 East Coast Farm Trips For a Peaceful Weekend Away

Vogue, November 2020

Gray Barn Virtual Tour

3D virtual tour of The Gray Barn
November 2020

These animals lost limbs. Tech put them back on their feet

3D printed prosthetics can help dogs, sheep, alligators and other animals with limb loss swim or run again.
cnet, November 2020


Turns out, turkeys can fly. Plus, 11 other interesting facts to celebrate these social and intelligent birds.
VegNews, November 2020

Affordable Hotel Buyouts For Social Distancing

This award-winning inn boasts five bedrooms for up to 10 people, all with en-suite facilities. The ‘barn’ label is misleading, as it’s an impressively modern design with huge picture windows that maximize the available daylight.
Business Insider, October 2020

Country Crock and Esther the Wonder Pig Team Up For Limited Edition Vegan Cupcakes

In honor of World Animal Day, Country Crock Plant Butter is teaming up with vegan icon and cupcake-loving Esther the Wonder Pig and Indiana-based bakery Cute as a Cupcake to introduce a limited-edition Esther the Wonder Pig Vegan Cupcake to benefit animal sanctuaries.
VegWorld Magazine, October 2020

Country Crock and Esther the Wonder Pig Launch Vegan Cupcakes

On October 13, the Esther the Wonder Pig Vegan Cupcake will be available for nationwide shipping through Indiana-based bakery Cute as a Cupcake.
News Break, October 2020

Farm Sanctuary Inundated With Abandoned Ducks

Rachel McCrystal, executive director of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary explained how the organization has seen an influx of domesticated ducks being abandoned, and how COVID-19 might be to blame.
Shawangunk Journal, September 2020

Cancel the Kaporos chicken slaughter once and for all: It’s irresponsible, especially during the COVID pandemic

Woodstock Sanctuary’s Board President Dr. Ethan Ciment’s op-ed on Kaporos
NY Daily News, September 2020


From giddy goats to meditative cows, gorgeous photography books bring animal sanctuary experience into your home.
VegNews, September 2020

Meet Jo, a Rescued Dairy Cow at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

An Interview with Executive Director Rachel McCrystal
One Green Planet, August 2020

A Local Farm Sanctuary Continues Its Work During COVID-19 Crisis

An Interview with Executive Director Rachel McCrystal
WAMC, July 2020

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Why We Love It
Scenic Hudson, July 2020

Give it up for the winners of New York’s Time In Awards

TimeOut New York, July 2020

Retreat to This Vegan Farm Sanctuary Inn to Support Rescued Animals

Hudson Valley Magazine, July 2020

All Things Hudson Valley Podcast with Marketing Director Lizz DeFeo and Executive Director Rachel McCrystal

All Things Hudson Valley, June 2020


Barn Sanctuary, June 2020

Sanctuaries Petition Farms to Surrender Animals from Depopulation Amidst Coronavirus

Green Matters, June 2020

This Animal Sanctuary is Doing Live Storytimes with Turkeys and Goats

TimeOut New York, May 2020

Farmed Animal Depopulations and Worker Violations During COVID-19, with Rachel McCrystal of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Animal Voices, May 2020

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Online

101.5 WPDH, May 2020

Catskill Animal Sanctuary joins Goat 2 Meeting partnership with Sweet Farm

Hudson Valley 360, May 2020

Invite A Rescued Animal Into Your Next Meeting!

Shawangunk Journal, May 2020

Goat bombed: Invite an Upstate NY farm animal to your next video call, May 2020

Pet project: ‘Goat 2 Meeting’ provides virtual contact with rescued farm animals in Ulster County

Daily Freeman, May 2020

New York City urged to shut down 80 live animal markets amid fresh pandemic fears

Independent, May 2020

Local Couple is Running #EverySingleStreet in Montclair to Raise Funds for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Baristanet, May 2020

Animal Sanctuaries Are Struggling Right Now, But They’re Making It Work

Tenderly, May 2020

10 Vegan Hotels to Book for an Eco-friendly Stay

Skyscanner, April 2020

Invite Hudson Valley Farm Animals to Your Next Zoom Meeting

Hudson Valley Magazine, April 2020


WeddingVortex,  April  2020

Places to Stay in the Hudson Valley Surrounded by Nature

Hudson Valley Tourism,  April  2020

Coronavirus: Half Moon Bay farm lets businesses schedule Zoom calls with goats, pigs, other animal ‘ambassadors’

abc7,  April  2020

Visit Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s Adorable Farm Animals from Your Couch

Green Clean Simple,  April  2020

Tech Helps Animals with Limb Loss Get Back on Their Feet

CNET,  April  2020

10 Best Virtual Field Trips for Kids Stuck at Home

Trips to Discover,  April  2020

This Farm Sanctuary Is Celebrating Their Opening Weekend on a Livestream and We’re All Invited

Travel + Leisure,  April  2020

Shelter Tails Calendar

Times Herald-Record,  April  2020

Why You Should Avoid Canceling Your Hotel Room Due to Coronavirus

Fodors,  March  2020

Weekend in Upstate NY at the Gray Barn (Woodstock Farm Sanctuary)

VeganEatsNYC,  March  2020

How the Hudson Valley Community Is Giving Back During the COVID-19 Crisis

Hudson Valley Magazine,  March  2020

Animal Sanctuary donates PPE supplies to local paramedic service

Hudson Valley One,  March  2020

Green Inside and Out Radio Show

Executive Director Rachel McCrystal on Episode 62
Green Inside and Out,  March  2020

Coronavirus Cancellations

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is delaying its usual April opening to May.
Hudson Valley One,  March 2020

Coronavirus: Cancellations, postponements, changes in Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskills

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls will not be opening in April, as has been customary, but expects to open May 3 for members and May 9 to the public.
Daily Freeman,  March 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Plant-Based Household

How My Family Cut Out Meat
The Beet,  February 2020

Rescued Dairy Cow See’s Pasture for the First Time!

Watching this 7-year-Old Rescued Dairy Cow See Pasture for the First Time Will Warm Your Heart!
One Green Planet,  February 2020

A Sanctuary That Welcomes All

A feature story on Woodstock Sanctuary’s rescued animals and mission.
Animal Culture Magazine,  January 2020

Bovine Friends Forever

Our response to the November issue’s “Bovine Friends Forever” story.
The Atlantic,  January 2020

Inspiring Animal Success Stories of 2019

Rabbit Rescued From Lab Where Vet Techs Injected Him Constantly.
One Green Planet,  January 2020

From Kill Pile to Piglets of Pride

Tenderly,  December 2019

Is ‘Veganuary’ the new dry January?

Everything you need to know about the pledge to try going vegan.
Yahoo Lifestyle,  December 2019

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Welcomes a Sheep Named Mabel Just in Time for the Holidays!

One Green Planet,  December 2019

6 Helpful Ways to Give Back to Nature This Thanksgiving

Inhabitat,  November 2019

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s ThanksLiving Celebrates Animals with a Vegan Feast

Civil Eats, November 2019

The Obscenity of Pardoning Two Turkeys

NY Daily News, November 2019

Rob Zombie Honored At ThanksLiving

Shawangunk Journal, November 2019
Over $100k Raised for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Rob Zombie on Woodstock Warrior Award, Fighting for Animals, Why Veganism is Punk

The Daily Freeman, November 2019
Woodstock Sanctuary honored Rob and Sheri Zombie for their animal rights activism.

Dealmakers: Green Fair to feature speakers

TimesUnion, November 2019

Green Fair shares way to live in harmony with Earth

The Altamont Enterprise, November 2019

Meet Individuals on Your Plate that You Never Get To Know at Woodstock Sanctuary

The Plant Based Review, October 2019

HalloWoodstock Comes to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Hudson Valley One, October 2019

Pig Ears and Backyard Chickens? No Thanks!

Wildlife Watch, Inc., October 2019

HalloWoodstock 2019 is Oct. 26

101.5 WPDH, October 2019

The Best Accommodations in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Magazine, October 2019

Roller Derby match to benefit Woodstock Farm Sanctuary on Oct. 5th in Accord

The Daily Freeman, September 2019

7 Notable Organizations Dedicated to Helping Animals

Wiki, September 2019

This Modern Boutique Inn is Located Right on a Farm Sanctuary – Here’s How to Stay There

Herbivore Times, September 2019
Woodstock Sanctuary’s onsite inn, The Gray Barn, is a vegan getaway dream come true.

With 440 Animals On Site, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Reaches Out for Help

The Daily Freeman, August 2019
Woodstock Sanctuary turns to its community for help with its latest rescues.

Woodstock Sanctuary Rescues Almost 100 Chickens Being Sold on Craigslist

One Green Planet, August 2019
The sanctuary are calling the newly-rescued chickens the Hudson Valley 100.

Rabbit Rescued From Lab Where Vet Techs Injected Him Constantly

One Green Planet, August 2019
Woodstock Sanctuary couldn’t say no to a rabbit tested on by aspiring vet techs.

The Ultimate Vegan Road Trip

Forbes, July 2019
Tips for making the most of your vegan trip.

In Upstate Style

SUSTAIN, July 2019
A Hudson Valley look book at The Gray Barn.

Woodstock Sanctuary Makes Animals Feel Truly Safe

MidHudson News, July 2019
While many animal shelters and sanctuaries emphasize giving animals a home, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s mission is a little different.

Be Here Now: Summer Getaways

Time Out New York, July 2019
Escape to Woodstock Sanctuary to volunteer, visit, or stay overnight at The Gray Barn.

Enjoy at the Woodstock Farm, New York’s June Jamboree Fest This Saturday

Raise Vegan, June 2019
A preview to Woodstock Sanctuary’s annual summer event, June Jamboree.

The Silence of Force Fed Ducks: Ban Foie Gras in New York City

NY Daily News, June 2019
Shelter Director Hervé Breuil’s op ed on the pending foie gras ban in NYC.

The Gray Barn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

VisitVortex, June 2019
An intimate look at the Sanctuary’s new onsite inn, The Gray Barn.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s June Jamboree

WPDH, June 2019
Enjoy Woodstock Sanctuary’s annual summer event Saturday, June 22nd.

The Top Winery Events You and the Crew Need to Hit This Summer

Westchester Magazine, May 2019
Whitecliff Vineyard is teaming up with Powered by Plants Consulting to fundraise for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

New Vegan Documentary Invited to Screen in New York City and Los Angeles

VegNews, May 2019
“For The Birds” follows a woman in the Hudson Valley who hoarded 200 ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys—all of whom were eventually rescued.

Sanctuary Goat is the First to Receive A 3D Printed Valve

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, May 2019
WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne visited Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Finding Sanctuary in Upstate New York

SUSTAIN the Mag, May 2019
A weekend at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Turns Out, Cows Love Being Mamas. This Mother’s Day, Let’s Celebrate That Fact (And No Longer Eat Them.)

VegNews, May 2019
Executive Director Rachel McCrystal writes on how cows are remarkable beings.

The Out-of-Towner

The Shawangunk Journal, April 2019
A trip to Woodstock Sanctuary

LETTER: Boycott agribusiness, animal consumption

The Daily Freeman, April 2019
Letter to the editor by Executive Director, Rachel McCrystal

A Holy Week prayer for the animals

NY Daily News, April 2019
Op-ed written by Executive Director, Rachel McCrystal

Ulster County Animal Sanctuaries Offer Human Guests Overnight Lodgings

The Daily Freeman, April 2019
Woodstock Sanctuary’s new inn, The Gray Barn, is open.

Looking For an Upstate Destination? Try This New Vegan Inn and Animal Sanctuary

Edible Brooklyn, March 2019
The Gray Barn is a nonprofit vegan inn supporting an animal sanctuary.

An Inside Look of New The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

SUSTAIN Magazine, March 2019
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, NY is opening up a brand new reason to visit.

Stunning New ‘Gray Barn’ Inn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Shawangunk Journal, March 2019
What must be the most unique and stunning new lodging in the area is about to open next month on Lucas Turnpike, at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. 

Eco-Friendly Apparel Company Tentree Wants to Plant Billion Trees

Green Matters, March 2019

If You Love Animals, Don’t Visit Zoos or Aquariums — Consider This Ethical Option Instead

Green Matters, March 2019
There is a clear-cut, ethical alternative to zoos and aquariums: visiting an animal sanctuary.

Retreat to This New Farm Sanctuary Inn to Support Rescued Animals

Hudson Valley Magazine, December 2018
The Gray Barn at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary lets visitors overnight alongside their four-legged friends.

Farm Animal Stories with Happy Endings

Stone Pier Press, December 2018
This holiday season, we want to spread the joy of farm animals by sharing stories of pigs and chickens living at sanctuaries all around the country.

Eight Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah, Vegan-Style

VegNews, December 2018
From plant-based gelt to Soy Vey candles, an all-vegan Hanukah honors tradition while respecting animals.

Colin Kaepernick-Inspired Ads Arrive in NYC Subway Stations 

Live Kindly, October 2018
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has launched a dairy industry awareness campaign, starting with posters in a New York City subway station that feature “Colin Kowpernick” — a rescued dairy calf named after vegan NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

While Thousands of People Evacuated From Hurricane Florence, Millions of Animals Drowned on Factory Farms

One Green Planet, September 2018
Photos shared by Woodstock Sanctuary via Steve Helber of the AP illustrate the state that factory farms have been left in.

A Vegan Fall-Lover’s Guide To The Hudson Valley

VegNews, September 2018

Entire Family Goes Vegan After Sanctuary Visit

Raise Vegan, September 2018
After a trip to the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in 2009, a family went completely vegan overnight.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Exec Director Talks About Her Mission

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Midday Magazine, August 2018
Weaving animal advocacy issues with social justice issues is something Rachel McCrystal sees as integral to getting out her organization’s message.

Sanctuary Resident Is The First Cow To Wear A New Kind Of Brace

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Midday Magazine, July 2018
A cow at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is reportedly the first in the United States outfitted with a new type of brace.

Sanctuary Caring for Chickens Rescued from Cockfighting Ring

Times Herald-Record, March 2017
More than 20 chickens rescued from a cockfighting ring have been taken in by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

The Pay-It-Forward Wedding: When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Do More’

New York Times, January 2017
Couples are giving back in greater, more thoughtful ways by incorporating their beliefs, passions and values into their weddings.

Peace, Love, & Activism at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Urban Agenda Magazine, December 2016
The heart of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue farmed animals and to allow those animals to become ambassadors for compassionate living.

A Perfect Day in…the Catskills

Harper’s BAZAAR, November 23, 2016
Exactly how to spend a picturesque 24 hours in one of the most charming parts of Upstate New York.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary takes care in taking care of animals in need

Daily Freeman-August 8, 2016
The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescues farmed animals and strives to teach the public about the effects of modern-day agribusiness.

July Jamboree at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Time Warner CableJuly 3, 2016
The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary hosted its annual July Jamboree.

Sheep With Prosthetic Leg Will Inspire You to See Animals Differently

One Green PlanetJune 18, 2016
Felix gives us hope that we can all learn to see animals not as somethings but someones.

Kingston Nissan’s ‘Ozzie Fund’ benefits area animal shelters

The Daily FreemanMar 7, 2016
The fund will help raise money for four local animal shelters.

Story image for woodstock farm sanctuary from Times Herald-Record

‘Baby boom’ of new births at High Falls animal sanctuary after big …

Times Herald-RecordMar 6, 2016
HIGH FALLS – The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls was beginning to look more like an animal nursery on Sunday.

Grass-Fed Beef and Global Warming | Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera-Dec 2, 2015 
Consumers should reconsider their choice to eat beef, and not just because of the significant impact on the environment, says Jenny Brown, who runs the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, along New York’s Hudson Valley.

Sanctuary Celebrates Saving Turkeys at Thanks-living

Time-Warner Cable News-Nov 15, 2015 
“They are going to have some of their very favorite foods; a variety of pumpkin pies and squashes and berries.”

This Farm Fits Injured Animals with Prosthetics – CNN’s ‘Great Big Story’Video for cnn woodstock farm sanctuary

CNN’s Great Big Story-Nov 12, 2015

Jenny Brown lost her leg, and says her prothesis helps in everyday life. Now, she helps fit new limbs on animals at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Hanging With ‘Peeps’ At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Headlines & Global NewsOct 25, 2015
The silly, social, funny chickens adore the co-founders at WoodstockSanctuary who saved them. (Photo : Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary).

Disturbing Discovery: 175 Animals Seized from Hamptonburgh Farm

Time-Warner Cable News-Oct 12, 2015
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, where 20 of the animals were taken said now the focus needs to be on getting the animals the treatment they need.

Backyard Butchers Shut Down In Orange County

Hudson Valley News Network-Oct 10, 2015
Backyard Butchers Shut Down In Orange County … fate of a backyard slaughterhouse on a Route 416 farm in Hamptonburgh.

‘It’s a Different Type of Farm:’ Inside Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

EcorazziSep 2, 2015
A new short film examines how a cat named Boogie inspired Jenny Brown to start Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.


Story image for woodstock farm sanctuary from Hudson Valley News NetworkWoodstock Farm Sanctuary to welcome public at Sept. 5 grand …

Hudson Valley News NetworkSep 5, 2015
Workers at the new grounds of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary huffed and puffed and labored all summer long to complete the project just in time.

Amputee opens Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to care for disabled animals

Daily MailSep 7, 2015
Now, almost 30 years later, Brown has been using that experience and channeling it into her work at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Laughing For Animals: A Comedy Showcase Benefitting WFS

EcorazziSep 14, 2015
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary co-founders Jenny Brown and Doug Abel will be in attendance, so expect to rub some elbows with them.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary opens its new digs

Woodstock TimesAug 22, 2015
The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is about to become a Rondout Valley phenomenon. The entity that’s been based in Willow since 2004.

Story image for woodstock farm sanctuary from The Daily Freeman

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary relocates to former farm, retreat center in High Falls

The Daily FreemanJun 21, 2015
Amelia the pig gets her forehead scratched by Jenny Brown, the co-founder and executive director of the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary moving to High Falls

The Daily FreemanAug 26, 2015
HIGH FALLS >> After ten years in Woodstock, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has announced its relocation to a 150-acre former camp and retreat center. – April 2012
” Considering Going Vegetarian? Visit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary”


Poughkeepsie Journal – Sept 2010
Cover story of the Lifestyles section about the history of WFAS and the concert series, with Moby playing a live show at the farm. Also see the related interview with Moby.

Ulster Almanac – Aug 2010
Coverage of the upcoming music series, featuring The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon/Charlotte Kemp Muhl)

Live a Damn – Aug 2010
Director Jenny Brown is a guest on editor Michael Parrish DuDell’s podcast

Our Hen House – 2010
Director Jenny Brown is a guest on this podcast – Aug 2010
Travel guide, describes a visit to the Sanctuary

Rolling Stone – June 2010
Sidebar about Chrissie Hynde’s appearance at the farm with her band, JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys

NY Daily News – Feb 2010
Animals and their affection for each other

The Daily Freeman – Feb 2010
The rewards of volunteering at our sanctuary

New York Daily News – Nov 2009
Coverage of our annual ThanksLiving event

New York Times – June 2009
Story about My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James’ support of our farm

New York Daily News – Jan 2009
Story about Good Egg recipient Stevie Jones

Woodstock Times – Nov 2008 – “Who’s the Turkey?”
Coverage of our 3rd annual ThanksLiving Banquet

WAMC – Northeast Public Radio – Nov 2008
“Saving Farm Animals in a Recession”
Radio segment on our 3rd annual ThanksLiving Banquet

All Animals – Winter 2008 – “Turkey’s Day”
Article in member magazine of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Guide Magazine – Nov 2008
“Director of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Filmmaker, Vegan”

Cosmopolitan Magazine – Aug 2008 – “Their Uncommon Bond”
Learn 23 new ways to love your man… AND a thang or two about the farm

Chronogram Magazine – Aug 2008
Director Jenny Brown was named a “Local Luminary”

Animal Sheltering Magazine – June 2008
“Field Trip: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary”

Guideposts Magazine – June 2008
“Their Mission to Save Farm Animals”

The Daily Freeman – June 2008
“For the Love of Goat” (with video)

Weekend America – June 2008
“Summer Travel: A Farm Sanctuary”
The national PBS radio show visited Woodstock

The New York Times – May 2008
“A Rescued Goat Gets a Chance for a Normal Life”

Gothamist – May 2008
“Short One Leg, But Goat is Long on Friends”

New York Magazine – May 2008
“Amputee Goat Finds Home with Amputee Owner”

G Living – May 2008
“Rescued Amputee Goat Shows Hope for the World”

Zoo Too – May 2008
“Goat, Owner Share in New Leg”
Amazing video profile of Albie the goat!!

Time Out NY – May 2007
“New Yorkers Discover the Joys of Being Farmed Out”

NY Daily News – May 2007
“Help Stop Abuse – Buy Some Art”
Profile of board member Dan Piraro’s work on behalf of animals

VegNews Magazine – 2005
“Vegan Weddings”
One of the magazine’s most popular recurring article, featuring WFAS co-founders getting hitched.