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Recap: James Aspey, Champs + Screamers Takeover

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It was quite a busy few days here at the Sanctuary this past weekend! We welcomed over 1,000 visitors to three days of special events, advocacy and humane education, and some awesome vegan eats!

James Aspey gets close to Ralphie the steer

Screamer’s Pizzeria slices – 100% vegan!

On Friday, August 11, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary welcomed James Aspey, Australian animal rights activist and speaker, to share his story and experience of compassionate and effective advocacy – over 250 guests attended and participated in a Q&A session with James. James also got to meet some of the rescued animals of the Sanctuary, including Ralphie the steer!

Saturday, August 12, Screamers Pizzeria took over – the hordes of hungry vegans devoured every last slice of pizza within the first two hours! Visitors still enjoyed tours to meet the over 350 rescued animals living here at the Sanctuary.

Then, on Sunday, 200 ticket holders of a sold-out all-you-can-eat pancake extravaganza feasted on unlimited vegan pancakes from Champs Diner! With toppings like vegan marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate cookies – there were so many delicious options. The record number of pancakes eaten by a single hungry vegan was 11 pancakes!

All proceeds from the pizza and pancake fundraisers benefit the rescue, shelter, and advocacy work of Woodstock Sanctuary. Thanks so much, Champs & Screamers crew!

All proceeds from the pancake breakfast benefit the chickens – and the other animals here at the Sanctuary!


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