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Sanctuary Training for Two Inspired Women

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

With a nearly endless stream of farmed animals in need of rescue and shelter, a growing interest has sprung in starting farmed animal sancturies.  In addition to being a tremendous amount of work and commitment, there is no formal training for the highly specialized and unusual issues that farmed animal sanctuaries face.  So when Lenore Bradford and Michelle Pruitt contacted us separately about starting their own sanctuaries with their respective husbands, we welcomed them with open arms. Both couples had already purchased the land and had their non-profit filings underway so we knew they were serious. We want them to succeed so that more animals can find safe havens with loving people who advocate on their behalf. We feel this only gets us closer to our goal of spreading our message of compassion towards all farmed animals around the country.

While these gals “learned the ropes” of all aspects of animal care and general operations, they provided additional help with daily shelter duties. 

Lenore Bradford’s 16 acre sanctuary Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is forming in Pittsboro, North Carolina. WFAS Director Jenny Brown was invited to visit and advise while in town for a talk and book signing. Lenore and her husband are busy working on building a small house on the property and have just received a few donated sheds which will help them soon start taking in farm animals in need.

Michelle Pruitt interned here for 7 weeks this spring to learn all she could about sanctuary operations. She and her husband Mark are starting a sanctuary on property they purchased in Salem, Indiana, which they are calling Uplands PEAK Sanctuary (People, Earth, Animals in Kinship). Upon leaving she plans to  get started building structures and installing fencing to get the sanctuary up and running.

We wish them both much success!


Michelle snuggles her new best friend, Tupelo bunny.

Lenore and WFAS Caregiver Hervé treat Felix the sheep.

Lenore and WFAS Caregiver Hervé treating Felix the sheep.


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