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Saved Day

Dec 27 , 10:00 am

Save the date for Saved Day: A Day with Rescued Residents Who Saved Themselves! We’ll be going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day to spend time with four of our rescued residents who have very special rescue stories.Their stories are so impactful because these animals saved themselves from death and have inspired thousands of people to stop eating animals because of their bravery.

Join Executive Director Rachel McCrystal and Shelter Director Hervé Breuil as they spend time with these rescued residents and share their stories, starting at 10:00 A.M.!

10:00 A.M. Have Brunch with Kayli
11:30 A.M. See Clyde’s Cool Place
12:30 P.M. Say Hay to David
2:00 P.M. Cuddle Up with Cici

Be sure to tune in for Facebook and Instagram Live! Rachel and Hervé look forward to spending the day with you!