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Send a Father’s Day E-Card!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Is there a father figure in your life who is always there for you? A dad, an uncle, maybe a big brother, or a friend? The role of a dad is a special one. 

Sadly, farmed animal fathers are usually never allowed to be with their families. They are isolated and used for breeding purposes. Then they are killed when no longer useful.

But here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, fathers and father-figures are treated with kindness and stay with their families — birth families and families they make.

With your gift in honor of your father, father-figure, or a father of any species, you honor all the animals we care for here at the Sanctuary. And you honor and mourn for the fathers who cannot stay with their families.

And in thanks, we will send an e-card of your choice to your gift recipient! Be sure to read and follow the instructions.

>>Give today in honor of your special dad<<

Happy Father’s Day to you and all who you love. 

For the animals,

Your Friends at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary




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