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Thursday, February 11, 2016


We’re celebrating love this week at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! 

Last year, we rescued Johnny Boy from a private owner who was raising him to be killed. He came to us because he was very friendly and kept breaking out of his small enclosure and “visiting” the neighbors. One of them grew fond of him and talked the owner into releasing Johnny Boy to sanctuary.

From the moment he arrived, he and our special girl Fawn became friends.

johnny-boy_eCard_button_250Fawn is smaller than most of the other cows (here’s her story) and a little shy around them. But she was immediately drawn to Johnny Boy. They graze shoulder to shoulder, trade nose kisses, and are just the sweetest cow couple around.

 We couldn’t have saved either of them without your support

Every dollar you give helps save lives and spread the mission of empathy and love for all creatures. Give today and share your love of Woodstock Sanctuary with your valentine!

AND nothing says “I’m a good match” like generosity and compassion. For a gift of $25, we will send your sweetheart (or friend, or mom, or crush) an e-Card asking them to “Be my Cow-lentine.” Share the Love!


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