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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Valentine's Day

Love is in the air at Woodstock Sanctuary – cows are trading nose kisses, mother goats are snuggling their babies, and the turkeys are cooing a little bit extra. And snuggle-bunnies Michelle and Patrick are flirting playfully, smitten with each other.

Michelle came to Woodstock from a hoarding case— she had been fighting an untreated infection that resulted in permanent neurological damage making her wobbly on her feet. 

Patrick was part of a 4H project. But once the project ended and his novelty expired, he landed in a tiny cage, neglected and lonely.

After rescuing these two, we were having trouble figuring out where their home should be. Michelle needs specialized care because of her disability, and Patrick didn’t quite fit in with any of our other bunny groups.We moved him in with Michelle at our animal hospital temporarily, and before we knew it the two had fallen for each other.

Michelle and Patrick are inseparable — Patrick is always snuggling up with Michelle and nuzzling her gently.  They each find comfort in the other and now know what true love is — from humans and from each other.

Because of you, we were able to save Patrick and Michelle…and give them a loving home together. And it’s because of you that we can give them the ongoing specialized care that they need.

Show your Valentine that you value love and compassion by sending them a Valentine’s day e-card. For a gift of $10, we will send your sweetheart (or friend, or mom, or crush) an e-card asking them to “Be my Valentine.” Every dollar helps save lives of animals like Patrick and Michelle and spread the mission of empathy and love for all animals and people.

Thank you for being a friend and Valentine for all 350 animals at the Sanctuary and the millions who are spared because of our efforts.


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