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Shelter Manager Hervé Breuil Speaking at National Animal Rights Day in Albany

Jun 3 , 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

June 3, 2018 will be the 8th National Animal Rights Day (NARD), celebrated in 30 cities around the world!

On this day, special National Animal Rights Day (NARD) events will be held simultaneously in major cities around the globe, Albany will be holding their 2nd NARD! They start with a memorial ceremony for the billions of animals who die every year by human hands, and continue with the reading and signing of The Declaration of Animal Rights. They end with a celebration of the animals in our lives, and the steps that are being made every year towards ending animals’ suffering and shifting the planet to a plant-based lifestyle.

Hervé Breuil, Shelter Manager of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Cheryl Wylie, Animal Care Coordinator of VINE Sanctuary will be speaking at the ceremony in Albany, NY.

For more information about NARD, see their website:

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