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Important News from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

After 12 years of leadership on their founding vision, Jenny Brown and Co-Founder Doug Abel have left Woodstock Farm Sanctuary as employees. Jenny has been on leave for most of 2016. Doug is remaining as a member of the board of directors. Their legacy includes creating one of the most prominent farmed animal sanctuaries in the United States, with countless lives saved through their rescue and advocacy work. The commitment their work represents will remain a centerpiece of our mission and our story; as will Jenny’s founding vision, which is depicted in her award-winning memoir, The Lucky Ones.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is located in High Falls, NY, where it moved in 2015 to a property six times the size of its original location in Woodstock, NY. Jenny and Doug began the organization in 2004. The move reflected the Sanctuary’s growth and potential as it expands its capacity for rescue, special events, and initiatives in education and advocacy.

Moving forward, Jeff Lydon continues to serve as Interim Executive Director, a position he has held since the beginning of 2016. Jeff joined Woodstock Sanctuary as Operations Director in mid-2015. His experience includes executive-level leadership at well-regarded animal rights and sheltering organizations. Jeff leads a growing team of animal rights advocates who are each unceasingly dedicated to the Sanctuary’s mission of providing the best care to rescued farmed animals and educating the public about veganism and animal rights.