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ThanksLiving 2014 Recap




Vegan Treats

Accomodations by Kate's Lazy Meadow



Vegan Treats


Treeline Treenut Cheese




Donated Coat by Vaute Couture

Jim Tower Workshop

Acure for your Skin...Acure for the Planet....Acure for a Cure


Michelle Leon


Moo Shoes

Beanfields - healthier snacks

Elisaveta Stoilova





Elan Abrell
Jennifer Adams
Jenna Albertine
Andy Ardito
John Berry
Laurie Bershtein
Yann Bettremieux
George Brooks
Sherry Brooks
Melissa Cacioppo
Miriam Chisholm
Tony Chisholm
Paul DeLuca
Gabrielle DeSantis
Steve Ellenberg
Dawn Ellsworth
Marilyn Gallant
Leah Griffith
Lesley Horowitz
Sarah Hruby
Caitlin Hurst
Hillary Jackson
Robert Jensen
Cassie Karopkin
Carin Kuoni
Lauren Lapierre
Carley Leibowitz

Doris Lopez
Sande Nosonowitz
Caitlin O’Heaney
John Oakes
Elias Oakes
Nathaniel Oakes
Meredeth Oliver
Nancy Pearson
Whitney Peterson
Claire Petri
Alex Pruszynski
Kristin Renstrom
Isabel Rose
Jaime Roth
Suzanne Saturday
Adam See
Susan Solar
Heidi Taylor
Tomoko Tera
Shanti Urreta
Jessica Van Brunt
Cameron Werme
Tracie White-Galluscio
Tracey W.
Derek Goodwin
Loren Brown
Kevin Archer
David Silver
Rachel Klein
Celeste VanWettering
Sofia Coeli for designing the poster
Ellen Katz for some last-minute designing tasks
Nemo Hoffman for designing the Good Egg awards


With the sun tickling the golden and orange Catskill Mountains, over 275 people enjoyed the fine, all-vegan food of our 9th annual ThanksLiving banquet — where our rescued turkeys were the guests of honor and not the main course!  SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES.

Guest Chef Rachel Klein

Guest Chef Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel’s Pantry

After an hour of mingling and passed appetizers, the dinner started with Chef Rachel Klein‘s mouthwatering coconut sweet potato bisque with fried shallots and smoked coconut.  Next the entree arrived: chickpea-seitan dusted with pumpkin seeds, filled with wild rice and shiitake mushroom stuffing and smothered in Dijon maple gravy.  This creation was accompanied by a shaved brussels sprout salad and potato “au gratin.”

Hors d’ouvres were provided by Regal Vegan, Treeline Cheese, New World Home Cooking and Marty’s Brand New World Famous Burger. Fresh bread was baked by Kevin Archer of Peace Meal Supper Club.

Chocolate topper by Vegan Treats

Chocolate topper by Vegan Treats

Totally insane desserts such as Sticky Bun Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Mousse Bomb, Coconut Custard Cake, and Chocolate-Encased Cannoli were provided for the 9th year in a row by Bethleham, PA-based Vegan Treats.

Ella Nemcova of  The Regal Vegan MC’d the event, and a wonderful trio made up of  Peter BuettnerTimothy Hill and Joel Bluestein filled the tent with 60’s-era jazz.  Folks perused the silent auction and strolled the grounds to visit our friendly farm animals.

The turkeys, all rescued from the animal agricultural industry, enjoyed plates of stuffed squash, cranberries and pumpkin pies served by our guests, while sanctuary staff talked about the turkeys’ rescue stories and personalities.


Click image to see the full menu

“This all-vegan event started by treating our resident turkeys to a special meal,” said Jenny Brown, the sanctuary’s co-founder.

“They’re such friendly, sensitive and social individuals, but sadly more than 45 million turkeys are killed each year at Thanksgiving alone. Serving a cruelty-free holiday dinner is a kinder way to gather with friends and loved ones in the spirit of giving thanks for our lives, health, and happiness.”


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Conceived as a reaction to lackluster potlucks in fluorescent-lit community centers, ThanksLivinghas always been about showing that you can create a compassionate, super-delicious vegan meal, serve it elegantly, and use that as a tool to show people how the lifestyle is not one of deprivation but of opening up a whole world.

The event is held more than a month before the traditional Thanksgiving holiday to take full advantage of the gorgeous leaves and warmer weather, and to give attendees ideas to take back to family and friends for their own meatless celebration.

This year the tickets sold out in just 12 hours, challenging our website’s checkout engine, and over $60,000 was raised in vital funds to help the Sanctuary get through the cold winter months.  Despite its popularity, the attendees were not necessarily lifelong vegans—some had just heard about the event, or were “dragged along” by friends or family. However, after meeting the rescued residents and hearing about our message of compassion towards all animals, few, if any, left unaffected.

Endless thanks to:

Loren Brown for once again curating the silent auction, raffle, and goodie bag items. Her hard work and good taste keeps the quality so high!

Emily Cacioppo-Monus for being the volunteer coordinator but so much more

David Silver for coordinating the logistics both before and during the meal

Programs Manager Mary Beth King and the rest of our motley crew on staff: Natalie Alcalde, Rob Altadonna, Hervé Breuil, Dan Brown, Misty Emerick, Carrie Howerton, Dawnell Kilbourne, Sue Mannella, Rachel McCrystal, Scott Sticker, Aimee VanWettering, and Lila Weisbrot

The huge team of volunteers, listed below and to the right

Silent Auction Items


Djuna Shay

Ariane Falkner

Brave Gentleman

Buttermilk Falls

Daily Show

Elana Goren

Elisaveta Stoilova

Grayworks Design

Gunas the Bag

Jaan J.

Jai Mala Rose

Jim Tower

Joanne Ehret

Kate’s Lazy Meadow Inn

Kayt Hester

Lora Shelley

Louis Gedo

Moo Shoes

Paula Menetrey

Jill Milan

Stream Side Cottage/Waterfall Rental

Vaute Couture

Susan Williamson

Raffle Donors

Angelica’s Kitchen

Aroma Thyme Bistro

Aura Cacia

BenBella Books


Calico Dragon Bags

Candle Cafe


Citra Solv

Comedy Central

Conscious Cakes

Crazy, Sexy Life (Kris Carr)

Dana Ellyn

Dunwell Donuts

Eco Artisan Designs

Fran Costigan

Good Home Store

Gristle Tattoo

Harper Collins

New Paltz Adult Swim Studio

Karma Road

La Familia Green

Lagusta’s Luscious

Laika Magazine

Main Street Vegan Academy

Marcus Pierno



Nii Bars


One Lucky Duck

Posh Pelts

Premium Chocolatiers

River Rock Health Spa

Shadowland Theatre

Sjaaks Chocolates

Soap Cauldron

Steiner Books

Sundara Jewelry

Sweet & Sara

The Tree Kisser

This Pie is Nuts


Urban Dawgs

V-Dog Food

Vegan Appetite


Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild

Goodie Bag Donors

100% Pure


Alternative Baking Company

Atlantic Natural Foods


Beyond Meat

Coconut Organics


Dr. Bronner’s

Earth Balance

Fanciful Fox

Goody Good Stuff


Herban Cowboy

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Lovina Naturals

Manitoba Harvest

Max and Ruffys

Nii Foods


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Skinny Pop

The Awareness (Gene Stone)