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ThanksLiving 3.0 Lands With a Woosh

Jan 1

ThanksLiving 3.0 Lands with a Whoosh

See a short video by David Manley
Rory and Chris
Speakers Rory Freedman and Kris Carr were unable to separate their heads after a regrettable gravy incident
Pennsylvania-based Vegan Treats unleased their Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Layer Cake encased in Belgian Chocolate.
The turkeys were appreciated, not eaten. Boone (left), allows recent vegan Raina a little peck. Photos: D. Goodwin


Hear Northeast Public Radio’s coverage of the event.

You can't tell who the players are without the program!

The day before the event, high winds had torn tent pegs out of the ground and lifted part of the 4800 square foot tent in the air. And the day of the event, the temperature did not break freezing and the wind chill factor was zero. Despite all that, 260 people descended upon the farm, were kept relatively warm (thanks to propane heaters) and enjoyed our 3rd annual festive afternoon of all-vegan food, drinks, speakers and music.


Proof positive that a holiday celebration doesn’t have to involve a bird on the table, the three-course all-vegan fundraiser (complete with table service and plus gluten-free and kid’s alternatives) is the largest sit-down meal of its kind ever attempted outdoo rs. Restaurants local to Woodstock and as far away as Bethlehem, PA, contributed the main components of the meal. Best-selling author Rory Freedman ("Skinny Bitch") and Filmmaker/Author Kris Carr ("Crazy Sexy Cancer") each spoke of the multitudinous benefits of a plant-based diet.

Appetizers included Black Eyed Pea Cakes served with Chipotle Aioli and Wild Truffle Tarts with White Truffle Oil. The main entree plate featured Celebration Roasts smothered in Mushroom Brown Rice Gravy, Grilled Island Yams, Wild Rice Salad, and Sweet Potato Biscuits. Once recovered, guests enjoyed fresh coffee, Pumpkin Spice "Cheesecake" and Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Layer Cake encased in Belgian Chocolate, all dairy and egg-free.

After the meal, the farm’s flock of turkeys were brought in to enjoy their own feast of yams and fruit, eaten with less elegance but with no less gusto than their human counterparts.

A warm, special thank you to Field Roast and the restaurants (below) who donated the delicious meal, to our wonderful sponsors: Moo Shoes, The Emerson Resort and K Vintners Winery. To our fabulous Board Member Kelly Galligan along with Lourdes Cañas-Jovel and Jenna Calabrese who, without their help, this event would not have been possible! We also thank volunteer extraordinaires Sheila Hyslop, Bob Esposito, Jean Rhode, Stevie Jones and Erica Julien who are so helpful and so caring in so many ways–what would we do without you?! We thank our great team of employees Anthony DeSimone, Amber Plaut, Phil Deyman, Julie Goodloe and Rebecca Moore for their time, energy and love they give to the farm and all of our residents daily. Lisa Hinkley saved the day with her catering and kitchen expertise, and Loren Brown was a jill-of-all-trades. We thank our other board members: Dawn Ladd, Ashley Lou Smith & Dan Piraro for their ongoing devotion to the farm and to our cause. A big ol’ fat thank you to the many volunteers who served and cleaned. Thanks to our pal Anthony Acock for putting together our rockin’ program, to our speakers Rory Freedman (who hates to fly and came all the way from Cali just for this event!) and Kris Carr who is a dear and inspirational friend (along with her handsome, helpful cameraman beau Brian Fasset), to Derek Goodwin for his excellent photography services and to our fabulous musicians who performed: Joy Askew, Kirsti Gholson, Amanda Homi, Kevin Bartlett and Bruce Milner. We thank and love you all!

And last but not least, we’d like to thank ALL OF YOU, our beloved supporters who make our important work for farm animals possible. We TRULY couldn’t do this without you!!!!


K Vintners

Capturing and putting into bottle the pure essence of syrah

Moo Shoes

Cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books & accessories

Emerson Resort & Spa

There’s a silk road running through the Hudson Valley


New World
Karma Road
Garden Cafe
Vegan Treats
Joshua's Blossom
Red Onion
field roast
Brooklyn Brewery
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Albany Vegetarian Network
Black Duck Imports
Bob’s Red Mill
Boylan Bottling Co.
The Bridge Tofu
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Catskill Mountain Coffee
Chicago Soy Dairy (Temptation)
Country Choice
Dr. Cow
Enjoy Life Foods
Field Roast
Follow Your Heart
Great Eastern Sun
K Vintners & Charles Smith Wines
Planet Inc
Sunflower Natural Foods
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Wise Acre Frozen
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