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The Summer of Oreo and Brownie

Two old friends at the Sanctuary are making the most of these long, hot summer days. Oreo and Brownie haven’t spent much time together for the last few years. They were rescued from the same neglectful petting zoo but since they’ve come to Woodstock Sanctuary, they been with different flocks. Oreo was always the more social one – easily making friends with other goats; whereas Brownie was often picked on by bigger, tougher goats so she recently has been living with our kind sheep flock.

Oreo made news last summer when she had a 3-D valve made for her stomach that would help with a chronic issue that was threatening her life. She quite literally made the news – her story was featured on WAMC! But this summer her diagnosis can’t be treated with innovation. We sadly got the diagnosis of terminal cancer this spring.

And gentle Brownie, who has learned how to free roam around the Sanctuary with her sheep friends, nearly died this spring. After an intensive, and expensive, medical regime she is feeling good but she also has terminal cancer.

But they are both getting special hospice care here and we are making it the Summer of Brownie and Oreo. They live together now, away from the rough and tumble other goats. And every morning, we let them out to free roam all over the acres and acres of pasture and woods. They walk hip to hip—just two older ladies who have been friends for a long time and truly appreciate each other’s company.

As for us, we are so honored to take care of them and to give them the happy summer they deserve. One of sun, treats, and old friends. For however long it lasts.



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