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Township of Babylon Letter

Woodstock Sanctuary is collaborating with other animal rights groups to stop the Town Board of Babylon – a township encompassing many communities with a total population of 214,000 in Suffolk County, New York – from changing a code that now requires 100 feet of distance between the road and a fowl enclosure. The board is considering changing that to just 10 feet, which will mean a lot more chickens and ducks put into cruel backyard operations, more chicks getting shipped through the mail, more unwanted roosters getting abandoned and killed, and more animals that we need to rescue. We have already had to rescue abandoned ducks from certain death in Babylon! Easing the fowl housing restrictions in such densely populated communities will also cause rat infestations and invite dangerous diseases such as Salmonella and avian flu.

Please reach out to the Town Board and urge them enforce current fowl housing restrictions rather than rolling the restrictions back! If you live in the Township of Babylon, your voice will count even more!

Address your concerns to Supervisor Schaffer at

Or call: 631-957-3000

Or write:

The Town Of Babylon
200 E Sunrise Highway
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Thank you for being an ally to animals.