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Veg-Curious Delights and Informs

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On June 4th, 2012, we held our first-ever VEG-CURIOUS event.  Intended for those considering veganism for their health, animal welfare, environmental issues, or spiritual well-being, this event answered questions and got folks started on the path to healthful, conscious eating.

Many thanks to speakers Will Tuttle, Kris Carr, Sharon Gannon (and our own Director Jenny Brown!) for truly engaging talks, and to the Garden Cafe’s Pam Brown for her cooking demo/one woman show.  Thanks also to Jasmine Jordan for spearheading the event and the many volunteers and over 80 participants.

We had a fantastic array of donors providing food and beverages (see below) and we encourage you to patronize them!


Also, as always, thanks go to our good pal Derek Goodwin for photographing the event.


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