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We are Moving!

A monumental undertaking…
and the opportunity of a lifetime

After ten years in Woodstock, we are so excited to announce that we are moving from our current location to a FABULOUS new 150-acre property in High Falls, NY.

This move will give us much more room to rescue and shelter animals in need, greatly expand our educational programs, and host more outreach and advocacy events. The property is six times larger and only 90 minutes from NYC!

Please watch this video for sneak preview! 

No Room To Grow


Click image to see a size comparison

Currently we lack the amount of pasture space that would allow us to rescue more cows and other grazing species. Our coop and barn capacities are maxed out. The varied medical needs of incoming animals are taxing our modest treatment center. In addition, our size and facilities can’t meet the demands of our growing popularity with visitors and school groups.

From 23 acres to 150, this move will dramatically increase our ability to help more animals in need. We will be able to give the ducks and geese a huge new pond to swim in, more pasture space for everyone, and access to acres of forest for shade in the summer.

A summer camp since the 1960s, our new property will allow us to have a much bigger impact by reaching many more people and provide opportunities for greater immersion into our mission.

We will of course continue our educational tours on the weekends, but we’ll also have a new Education Center, showcasing informational displays on the hidden world of animal agriculture—and how it impacts the animals, environment, and human health. Visitors will also enjoy a delicious vegan meal in the Dining Hall and even stay in one of five lodges overnight.  In the near future we’ll be hosting summer camps, retreats, veg-fests and conferences (see sidebar).

We Need Your Help

We are looking at many months of ongoing construction to build four new barns, install several miles of pasture fencing, and run water and electric lines. There is also a lot of work to be done on the existing structures to bring this new sanctuary to its fullest potential.  The move itself and the monthly mortgage payments are very costly.

But the work we need to do to continue helping the most vulnerable animals is urgent. We have big plans and dreams — and took a leap of faith when we decided to move forward.  A generous donor made a big gift to help us secure the property, but…

We Face the Challenge of Raising Two Million Dollars

Please give today to make this safe haven for animals and center for compassionate living a reality.  We can’t do it without YOU.

Your gift will be acknowledged in these ways:

  • $100+ Name listed in an upcoming newsletter
  • $250+ Name listed in our opening event program
  • $500+ Special thank you call from Exec Director Jenny Brown
  • $1,000+ Recognized on the honor wall
  • $2,500+ Recognized on the honor wall
  • $5,000+ Private tour of the new sanctuary
  • $10,000+ Building and pasture naming opportunities: contact our Development Director Rachel McCrystal or call 215-407-9234
  • Donors at every level will be invited to our opening event

Your gift will enable us to do so much!

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