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Who’s Who in the Tiniest Herd

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Six sets of twins – ten baby goats and two lambs – have been born at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary since January 1st. Their moms were all rescued from severe neglect (and already pregnant) at a backyard butcher in the Hudson Valley.

With so many new and rambunctious personalities running around the pastures and barns here at the sanctuary, it’s been hard to remember who’s who! Of course, our caregivers who have been providing around-the-clock medical care to the babies know all of their names and personalities very well.

Hallie and Raymond, the first set of twins born, are getting SO big. Little Jackie (who was just four pounds at birth!) is catching up to her brother Moby. Sweet Lucie and her talkative brother Tuesday are lively and jump around the goat playground with irrepressible joy. Harper and Atticus have recently met the other baby goats and love playing with them. Louie and Luna (whose mom Lou Lou was lost during the emergency c-section) are spunky and love running around in the warmer weather! And the two little lambs Dorothy Jo and George are shy, sticking tight to their mom Freyja as they start to explore the outside world.

We’ve created this handy guide so that you can get to know all of the goats who will live their whole lives as free, independent spirits at the sanctuary. Supporters and friends can meet the babies and their moms starting in April when the Sanctuary is open for tours on the weekends.

Please continue to support our tiniest, cutest herd with the food, medical care and caregiving costs they need to thrive: 


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