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Woodstock Giving Day

Are you as excited as we are? Woodstock Giving Day is here! I’ll be live on Facebook and Instagram introducing you to hundreds of rescued farmed animals in efforts to raise much needed funds for their higher-than-anticipated vet bills. All gifts up to $5,000 are matched, so your gift makes TWICE the difference! But this is only until midnight tonight.

Meet the animals who you’re helping from the comfort of your own home as we live stream A Day in the Life at Woodstock Sanctuary. You can ask us questions and may even get a thank you from your favorite rescued resident!

You don’t need to have a Facebook account to participate, just visit our public Facebook page at the times below.

7:00am – Say good morning to the animals as caregivers open the barns
8:30am – Snack time with the cows and learn about our tours
10:30am – Playtime in the goat barn
12:30pm – Meet our newly rescued potbellies Leroy, Oscar, and Lola
3:00pm – Cuddling with Shirley turkey and friends
5:30pm – Meet Colin and Woody in their new home
7:30pm – Graze with the sheep at sunset