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Visitor FAQ:

Q: Do I need to make a reservation to visit?

A: No, we are open 11 – 4 weekends only. The open season is April through October. If you are planning to bring a group of 15+, please visit our Group Tour page.

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: We are a nonprofit and admission is $10 adults, $5 kids/seniors. Toddlers and members are free.

Q: Am I required to take a guided tour?

A: It’s highly recommended but not mandatory. For your safety and the animals’ you will not be able to enter the pens and pastures without a guide. There is no additional charge for a tour.

Q: How long are the tours?

A: They generally run about 90 minutes

Q: What do the tours consist of?

A: You will be taken from species to species and enter the pastures and yards with many of the animals. We’ll tell their rescue stories and but also talk about the impacts of industrialized farming on their lives. Woodstock Sanctuary has a strong educational mission and during the tours we are very frank and don’t sugar-coat the realities of modern animal agriculture.

Q: Are the tours child-friendly, or do you have special kid tours?

A visit to the farm is appropriate for children. They will get to meet all sorts of animals, and many enjoy being touched or scratched. The sanctuary is an environment of respect and compassion and there are no graphic pictures. We do discuss in detail where these animals and those just like them originally came from, and we do not shy away from pointing out that a pig like Patsy would have been the source of bacon and ham.

Q: What if I miss the beginning of a tour?

A: We have three tours per day at 11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm, so you can enjoy a vegan snack or shop at our Visitor’s Center while you wait for the next tour.

Q: Where can I find directions?

A: Please click on the Visit tab on our menu above and then click on Location and Directions.

Q: Can I feed the animals?

A: Many of our animals are on special diets, so please do not feed any food to the animals at the sanctuary.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: For the safety and security of our rescued animals here, dogs are not allowed on sanctuary grounds, and you may not leave your dog in your vehicle.

Registered service animals are the only exception to this rule.

Q: I’m from out of town; is there any way that I can come during the week?

A: If you can only come during the week, please click on the Join tab on our menu above and then click Volunteer.  We need volunteers all year round and that is a great way to visit while we are closed to visitors.

Q: Do you have overnight accommodations?

A: We do not currently have accommodations on site, but check out our Overnight Accommodations page for local places that we suggest.

Q: Can I bring my own lunch?

A: You can bring brown bag vegan lunch and/or snacks, and a water bottle. Please do not include meat, eggs or dairy out of respect for the animals. 

Q: Will there be vegan food and drinks available for purchase?

A: Yes! We have a cafe with snack and lunch options at our Visitor’s Center.

The 2016 Visiting Season begins on

Saturday, April 2!

2016 Visiting Season Opens:  Saturday, April 2

2016 Visiting Season Ends:  Sunday, October 30

Visiting Hours: 11am – 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays only*

No reservation necessary!*

(*Except for planned sanctuary festivals on May 29th, July 3rd and October 30th when we charge a bit extra at the door for admission. See our Events Page for more info/to purchase tickets in advance)

Tours are given at 11:30am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm

(Price of tour included in admission.)

Please be prepared to walk/ambulate in the open air for about a mile and half, and to endure whatever weather Mother Nature sends our way!  Tours run for about 90 minutes.

*We are closed on holidays that land on Monday: Memorial Day (Monday, May 30),  Independence Day (Monday, July 4), Labor Day (Monday, September 5), and Columbus Day (Monday, October 10)

Fawn and tour group_IMG_3314

Visitors fawn over Fawn on a tour.